Shouldn’t it be Odds and Evens?  Or Beginnings and Ends?  Whatever the case, this is a catch-up blog that will be all over the place.

I’ll allow the pictures I’ve downloaded to be my guide on what has been going on the past few days.

new calf on the farm

Here’s a new little guy on the farm – we’ve since had another one, but it looks exactly like this one.  One is a male, and I’m not sure what the other one is.  I’ll try to get a shot of both of them together -they are so cute and snow-white.  We don’t usually give them names, but Jesse gives them some kind of descriptive nickname to keep them apart.

pool at SportsCom

I’ve been meaning to do this for months…this is where I spent my swimming hours.  This is the public pool at the SportsCom in Murfreesboro, lap lanes 6-8am and 11am-1pm.  There’s a regular crowd of us over the lunch hour, getting in our two, three, or four thousand yards.

my riding/running buddy Ron
Memorial Ride

This is not a great picture of a really great ride I did in Murfreesboro about a week ago.  It was an hour-long ride to memorialize and draw attention to those riders who have been killed or injured while riding a bike.  We rode silently, single-file through Murfreesboro and MTSU.  There were about 50 or so of us, and it was moving and emotional for me.  I blogged about a memorial ride I did about a year ago on the last entry.

Bully puppies
love this face
Q T Pi

So they are 6 weeks old now, the ads are running, the calls are coming in, and they’ll be gone before long, so I had to put these in.  There are 4:  3 females and a male, and they are cute, fat, and healthy.

new jersey

Jesse and I continue to train on the Natchez Trace parkway while we scope it out for a bike ride in the fall over UT’s fall break.  This was a 3.5 hour ride, and it must be snake season, cuz we saw 4 different ones, not counting the squashed ones.  I tried to put a video on, but can’t seem to work that out…check out Facebook for a video of Jesse trying to get a snake to strike him or me.

the inevitable if you're training

This flat happened about a mile from the house, so I just walked it home.  I had to leave my CO2 stuff in New Zealand with Sam cuz it doesn’t fly too well, and I haven’t replaced it yet, nor do I have a pump on my Specialized…poor planning.

the things you see on the side of the road

Then here was a bit of odd debris – several hotel room key cards from the Knight’s Inn, scattered on the shoulder??  Interesting story, maybe.

the Smith girls

My mom came through on her way to visit her sisters in Gallatin, and I got to visit with them for a few hours.  I love these women, and depend on them for a funny story, a sweet hug, and an encouraging word.  There is a brother too, who lives in Kentucky.  Then cousin Jen came by with her sweet boys for a minute or two.

Enoch, Jonas, and Simon
and I brought a puppy for entertainment

Finally, I went on a 4-hour ride with Fez, my 3rd son, who had just done a century on the Tour de Cure the week before.

my boy Fez

And just at the turnaround point, I hit a bump and…

on the steps of a church somewhere in rural Tennessee

Fez did have a CO2 cartridge and helped me out with my mishap.  I’ll get both my own CO2 gun and cartridge in my seat bag, and replace a cartridge for Fez this week.

So there’s the spastic schedule for the week.  No pictures of Spring Fling, the soccer tournament I worked last week – just too busy to take pictures.

Amy and Glenda are on the way home (!!!!!!!!!!!) from California and France via Ben’s in Colorado, so the next pics will be of them and then Bonnaroo!

I haven’t forgotten about my 50 things, and I have 2 new things to blog about that I’ve done, but they’ll get their own posts, so stay tuned to this same batchannel…

Thanks for reading!