Been stuck on the period after the word Hi for over an hour now.

I’m gonna give up on clever, comforting, wise, insightful.  I’m just gonna go with pain, sorrow, and sadness.  I don’t think there is anyone who reads this blog who doesn’t know what has happened in our family; Amy’s longtime boyfriend took his life in Knoxville on June 9.

We have grieved beyond words.  Each member of our family loved this boy.  We had the joy and honor of watching this boy grow up from a teenager into a young man.  We love his family.  We will miss him every day.  He was warm, kind, quirky, gentle, and helpful.  He was always up for whatever adventure we would invite him on (and you know the meaning of that in our family).

We have learned the sad lesson about the power of depression.  We have reached out to those around us to make sure they know we love them and that we can be counted on for help if they need it.  We have worn a groove in our brains trying to figure out why, and if anything could have been done to prevent this.  We have embraced his family in a way to comfort them and get closer to him.  Amy and I both spoke at his service and were overwhelmed by the community response at his visitation – a tribute to his lovely family.

After all the ceremony, visitation, and logistics, we are now beginning our lives without Bobby.  We are finding moments of joy and even now can remember and reflect with laughter.  Ragbrai will be tough; Bobby has gone for the past two years.  His family has already had a sibling birthday, and Father’s Day.  A friend of the family has structured a Facebook page on which we’ve all added videos, photos, and memories of Robert.  What a joy to have had this young man in our lives for the past 5 years.

Bobby and I

I have lots to blog about – the girls have returned from their academic year in Paris and California, I competed in a sprint tri in Tullahoma, Ben has passed through, the girls and I got to do a little at Bonnaroo (Norah Jones, Avett Bros, John Prine, Stevie Wonder).  I’ll try to write and upload pictures in a bit.

Training has been lacking (non-existent for two weeks), but I ran today for the first time.  I was not looking forward to it, but I did it on the property, and even in this atrocious heat and humidity, it felt great to be out.  Tomorrow is either a ride or a swim, and I’m really excited about it.

My fave iPod shuffle was Sheryl Crow’s I Was Always On Your Side – listen to it.

Thanks for reading.