I have found that the best way to keep up with this blog is to let the pictures from my camera be my guide, so here goes…

Jordan girls are home!

Amy and Glenda decided to combine their travel home with a road trip, so Glenda flew from Paris to San Francisco, Amy drove from Arcata, CA to San Francisco and there they began their epic road trip home.  They did some sightseeing in San Fran, visited Arches National Park in Utah, saw Ben in Colorado, then drove home!  This picture of them with the puppies is of them approximately 90 seconds after they drove into the driveway.

Their first meal home, specifically requested

Green beans, mashed potatoes, cornbread, sweet potatoes, and key lime pie.  Then back out to the yard to hoop, of course.

the least talented of the Jordan girls hooping
another puppy shot
and another

Friday night we went to First Friday on the square in Murfreesboro where we hooked up with several old and dear friends.

Amy, Glenda, Chris, and Bryson
Amy, Glenda, and Tony
Amy, Glenda, and Tony
Glenda and Mark

Then Amy went served as my main cheerleader and support at a triathlon in Tullahoma the next day.  I’ve done this race several times – it was a great day, and I loved having her with me.

before the swim

I placed 2nd in the swim, 4th in the bike, and 6th in the run (in my division).

Aden and his coonskin cap from Yellowstone

Sometime in the mix, we got in a visit with Aden.

Aden's little Bro Gianni hanging with the pups

Then came Bonnaroo…

needs no caption
the absolutely fantastic interactive sculpture at our volunteer pod!

This art installment was a giant guitar structure with guitars, a mandolin, and a drum set built in for jamming.  Too cool.

the blanket's-eye view of the girls at the Norah Jones concert
Brother Ben's visit!
Ben's visit with Aden
bike ride with my boy

Now we’re almost caught up – this was yesterday’s 3-hour ride with Ben.  We did a loop on the greenway and somehow avoided the downpours all around town.  It was great to be out riding with him, in spite of the heat and humidity.  He flies out tonight to return to Colorado, and he and Kirsten will be moving to Denver for undergraduate/graduate school.

Amy is on a trip to Athen, Ga, to hang with her girl Melanie at UGA, Glenda’s a little under the weather, Jesse is on a trip, and Sam should start his journey home from New Zealand over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading, and thank you again for all of your support and kind words!