I said I would try to catch up the post, and since we leave for Ragbrai Friday and I’ll be wanting to post about that adventure, here’s the catch-up post!

When Amy and I left England, we left Glenda behind with BF Sam for another week.  We flew to JKF, then Atlanta where we got a short visit in with my brother who was recovering from surgery.  Then a quick drive home to Nashville, where son #2 had arrived from New Zealand.  If you’ve been reading the post for a while, you’ll remember that Sam introduced us to the NZ treat Tim Tam cookies (2 chocolate covered graham cookies with creme between).  The Tim Tam Slam has the added feature of dipping a corner of the cookie into hot chocolate and sucking the liquid through the cookies, completely disintegrating the whole chocolate gooey mess…

Tim Tam Slam!
Tim Tam Slam Instructor
ahhhhhhh, slam afterglow
Sam on Sally

Then we took the bus up to Gallatin for a trial run to a family get-together.  Aden went with us and we spent a delightful day catching up with relatives.

bus ride
the Three Sisters
some of the cousins

We played a bit with Amy’s hair, thanks to Shannon and her magic touch, and as I write this blog Glenda (who made it home from England) is in the chair having her turn going red/orange/yellow!  Pics to come.

Amy's new look

Last night we did yet another trial bus run – friends Emily and John, Shannon and the boys, Mike and brother Casey hopped in for a quick drive to dinner.

on the bus ride
The Pottses!
Shannon and Glenda
Joshua wiped out

So that brings us to now, at Shannon’s hair salon, still trying to get everything ready for Ragbrai.  The next blog should be Ragbrai-oriented as we leave Friday at 4.  Bus is great with the new turbo engine, and I’ll post pics of this years improvements.

Thanks for reading!