Well, of all the things I forgot, the phone cord to put my pics on the computer has been the worst…

So…a blog without pics, til I get home.

We left Murfreesboro on Friday at 4:45 (record time – we had planned on leaving at 4 – that’s our PR for late departure).  We went to the south side of town to a truck stop for a fill up, and to see Jesse’s truck driver brother Ralph for a few minutes.  When we got back on the interstate, we got exactly one exit before we had to pull off because of brake trouble.  Super fix-it Big Jesse had us back on the road within about an hour.  We drove through the night (my personal shift was 10p-2am, and my driving buddy was Jordan, who was adorable asking me questions to keep me awake) and arrived in East Iowa to meet Ben and Kirsten around 6am.  They (and their crap) jumped on and we rode across the state and arrived in Sioux City around 4:00.

We had our riders’ meeting, assigned bus duties, and off we went to town.  Most of the team watched the Ragbrai documentary, “A Million Spokes”.  The town was festive and did a good job of welcoming us.  Smashmouth was the concert of the night – some of the team went to that, and said it was good.

This morning started with the sun, and off went the team in their stunning Livestrong-colored Team Fly jerseys – try to imagine it, but pics will come when I resolve my camera issue.  Aden is traveling in the kiddie-cart with Ben Daddy pulling him, with his squirt gun and DS – I’ve heard he was a little bored in the beginning, but I’ll get the complete report when they roll in.

I hate to do this to my Tennessee readers, but the high up here today was 84 degrees.  It’s now shady and cool at our camp site, and we’ll slip on sweatshirts later to go into town to see the vendors, eat some fried s**t on sticks, and watch Glenda hoop.  That’s the forecast for the week, with possible thunderstorms.

I don’t think I’ve done a very good job telling what a great time this.  We may not get the kids home for Christmas, but everyone marks their calendar for the last full week of July.  Glenda and I drove today, and even that was delightful.  Tomorrow is the century day – it’s an 80-something mile day with an optional loop to make 100.  Can not wait.

Stay tuned for more news, and maybe pics…www.ragbrai.org

Thanks for reading!