My ass is hamburger.  My quads are blown.  My lips are chapped.

I had a fabulous time!

What a great ride this was!  To recap (as opposed to capping), we left with 9 adventurers from the Jordan Dude Farm on Wednesday night at midnight, drove all night to Natchez, Mississippi where we started riding on Thursday.

Our riding days varied from 55 to 105 miles, and we rode for 6 days, finishing this afternoon in the only rain we saw on the whole trip at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville.  The UT kids had planted their cars at the Sunday night spot because they had to return to class on Monday, and our Murfreesboro friend Casey joined us on Saturday.

The Trace has no commercial traffic, so no trucks, and not too much sightseeing traffic.  Speed limit is 50, so what little traffic there was was very manageable.  It was a tad warm in southern Mississippi, but evenings were cool.  Most meals were campground type – brats over the fire, and we ate in towns a couple of times.

Of course we had both dogs with us; you’ll have to ask Jesse personally about his experience with Uga.  They are such a part of Team Fly, and they know the bus routine pretty well.

Now hear this:  we had such a great time, and with the realization that MTSU Fall Break is next Monday and Tuesday, we’re gonna try to get a group together to DO.  IT.  AGAIN.  (It helps make my, Jesse’s, and Sam’s bicycling addiction look a little more legit).

If you are reading this blog and have ever thought about trying bicycle touring, THIS is your opportunity.  The bus leapfrogs ahead 10-20 miles at a time, and anytime you are fatigued, you just hop on the bus for a bit!  Beg, borrow, or steal a bike (and helmet), pull together the $75 bus fee, tell your boss/clients/family you’ll be back Tuesday night, and come on!  Can I promise you when you are rocking your grandchildren you won’t be saying to them “I sure wish I hadn’t done that spectacular bike ride back in ’10”??

Again, sorry about the pictures – daughter Amy NEEDED a camera (hers broke) and Mommy was in her line of whining.  I guess I’ll have to replace mine by Friday.

Jesse is blogging too, with pictures at  We’re also putting pics on our Facebook pages, so check there too.

So tired I can hardly move, and can’t wait til Friday.

Thanks for reading!