What. A. Ride.

We are having such a good time!  We are in Toshimingo, Mississippi, at the Toshimingo State Park.  Today was a 75-mile day all up in this state.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the UT crew – we were glad to have them for the 4 days, and we can’t fault them for needing to attend class tomorrow!  That leaves 6 of us – Big Jesse and me, Sam, Curtis, Casey, and Charles.  We have only 2 days of riding left, and then it’s back to reality.

Today was a smidge warmer than we would have chosen, but it’s as clear and dry as can be.  The terrain has gotten a bit more hilly, but even those are long, gentle rollers.  We should see a bit more elevation tomorrow, and we end up at Meriwether Lewis State Park for the overnight.

Amy Jordan has absconded with my camera, so no current pics – I’ll try to add a couple from the first four days just for interest:

another view of her highness

Trace scenery
rest break

News to come from Meriwether Lewis — stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!