Safely in camp at Witch Dance (real campground – look it up), about 40 miles south of Tupelo.

Today Casey Baes joined us and Jordan Taylor left us – Casey had class at MTSU on Friday, and Jordan is a responsible employee and had to work.

Today was a 73-mile day over pretty flat terrain.  It’s very scenic along the Trace – no commercial development, mostly sight-seeing traffic, gentle rolling inclines.  We stopped at a harvest festival in French Camp – watched them make sorghum molasses – and had a taste on a biscuit – oh, joy!

We’ve had several good views of the Old Trace – a sunken trail that was a game trail, then a Native American trail, then a goods transport trail, and is now sunken 10 feet below ground level from use in some areas.

Mexican food in Kioskusco (??)
Sam's riding partner
Boo on the back deck
Pace Line

We are having such a good time.  The mornings start out cool, and we have a camper’s breakfast of bacon and eggs and coffee.  Then we get in about 20 miles while the bus leapfrogs ahead and waits.  (We drivers take turns driving sections)  Then we snack and re-Gatorade at the bus, switch out drivers, and off we go for another 20 or so.

Tonight’s dinner was brats and sauerkraut and mac and cheese, and it was delicious.  Lunches have generally been on the bus – deli meats and cheeses, pb and j, etc.  Tomorrow we’ll lunch in Tupelo, just off the Trace, and dinner remains a mystery.

Please do this ride.  We’ll probably do it again next year at fall break, and it would be easy to join us for Saturday and Sunday, even if you couldn’t do the whole thing.

Thanks for reading!