What a ride!!

This is evening Two on the ride, with evening One being last night in Rocky Springs, and the pre-evening spent driving on the big bus from Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi.

The weather:  flawless.  The route:  perfect.  The company:  incomparable.

There are 9 of us (until tomorrow when Brother Casey shows up), and we’re having a fab time.

Natchez, Mississippi (or as the locals say: Missippi)
Estrogen contingent - Jordan girls
My scenery for most of the day
Sam's approach on the recumbent
the soft gooey insides have been eaten, leaving behind the crunchy shell outside
not impressive until you realize we are both going about 25 mph!
end of the second day - a century day

Jesse and Sam will blog much more technical stuff at the blog “Crazy Guy on a Bike” — I’ll post the link when I get it from them.

Right now we are in Koscuisko, Miss (allegedly Oprah Winfrey’s hometown) where everyone is taking post-ride showers and we head into town to a Mexican joint for beer and food.  Last night was brats and kraut at the campsite.  Breakfast was bacon and eggs and coffee and it was wonderful.

This is so different from Ragbrai for lots of reasons, both for the good and bad.  It’s nice having the cool nights and warm afternoons, we miss having constant access to food, it’s also nice having quiet at bedtime.

Just having a great time altogether – as I have been writing this, bugs have accumulated on my screen and I am up to 8 — starting to gross me out, so I’ll sign off and promise to add more later!

Thanks for reading