The Brit, the gimlet, and me

One of the things on my list of 50 at 50 was having a lime gimlet with an actual British person. I wikied the word to find out the history of the drink, and while I’ll list a couple of interesting things about the drink, it’s worth clicking on the link for the whole story, plus a couple of suggested recipes.

My bartender made it with Hendrick’s Gin (which, as he knew, would instantly become my favorite, albeit it pricey, gin) and Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice.  Some recipes suggest a simple syrup and actual lime juice, but I was pleased with the Rose’s.  I’ll try a low-carb version at some point, but I’ll use the Rose’s til it’s gone.  Sam mixed it about half-and-half, maybe a touch more gin, shaken over ice, served over ice.  It was as cool and refreshing as it sounds, and is now in my top 5 favorite drinks, maybe even displacing my go-to gin and tonic.

Beautiful Hendrick's bottle

This post is primarily to describe marking that event off my list, but I’ll also use it to catch up a bit.  Sam’s visit to the US has ended and he’s back off the England to begin his master’s degree at Bristol.  Glenda is missing him fiercely, but has plans to visit England again for Christmas for the 3rd year in a row.

They made it home for a visit last weekend to see Aden’s fall festival at John Pittard Elementary School.  There was face-painting, jumpy things, cake-walking, and all the crap to eat that you would expect at a fall festival.  Aden said it was a Great Friday, and we all agreed!

yes, that's a pilot costume
After she finished (it was a spider), he said he really wanted it on the other cheek

The next day our precious Emily Potts came over for breakfast; Glenda and I had been wanting her to meet Sam for two years!  She was totally NOT fangirly over our very own Harry Potter (you can’t quite see the scar drawn on her forehead and her Neville shirt).  Emily makes everything an instant party, and we kept her from going home to help hubby John clean the house all morning.

Q T Pies

The next weekend was son Sam’s birthday, so we had 3/4 of the kids home then.  (We missed you Ben.)

Sam with his gift from his sisters, brother, and Sam M

And now, because it’s my blog and I can, here are two of Glenda’s recent watercolors (I think brother Ben commissioned her for one of them):

Lastly, a few pics of the Freedom of Religion Rally in Murfreesboro.  Seriously, citizens, this is a no-brainer.  Freedom of Religion means every religion, not just the ones you like and understand.

Sweet Elliot

Training still continues

and continues

and continues.

Thanks for reading!