In a stunning departure from radicalism, I have chosen today to write about…writing.  And not even my own writing.  Other writers’ writing.

In a funny coincidence, I’ve been asked 3 times this week which blogs I read.  I’m happy to lay it out here, complete with links.  I’m not going to link all the websites I visit – it has to be a personal blog site.

So, starting with family…

This is the link to my son Sam (  Until he adds a new post, this will take you to his Mother’s Day gift to me.  This boy has always been able to express himself with words, and I’ve been nagging (just no other word will do) him for years to start a blog.  In an understatement, he’s an adventuresome soul, and this blog mainly details his adventures, starting with his description of “living in a van down by the river”.

Sam and his travel banjo - his Tranjo

Next is the twins’ travel blog (  They’ve just begun this blog to chronicle their trip adventure in Thailand over the next 6 weeks.  They’re doing it old school, with no ipods/laptops/phones (only cameras), so their posting will be sporadic at best, but they’re taking notes and will do updates as they find computer access.

Pre-adventure: looking and smelling clean

Next is Big Jesse’s blog.  (  It’s hosted by, but that link should take you directly to the blog.  He’s blogged before about his bike ride adventures when he and Sam rode 600 miles in Austria and Germany.  This link takes you to Jesse and Sam’s adventures on his TranAmerica bike ride beginning exactly tomorrow.

Jesse and Loretta with Glenda - he'll explain the name

That’s it for family, now on to friends.

My friend Nena writes a blog about her fabulous life, focusing lately on her boot camp experience in her fitness journey (  She’s funny.  You’ll love her.

My friend Ted writes a blog about….well, everything.  He self-described as a “snarky know-it-all”.  How can you not love that?  (

My friend Ben has begun a blog about his upcoming travel across the country, and if you visit his site, be sure to go back to the beginning (it’s a brand new blog) to read his personal story.  (

My friend Karissa writes about raising little heathens.  I have the joy and pleasure of having she and hubby Joey in my life, and I get to watch the delightful process of their raising freethinking, openminded little boys.  (

My friend Amy writes about her interesting life in her Predicaments, Pursuits, and Ponderings blog.  Lately she’s written about her drive for a sustainable lifestyle, including her own adventure with organic gardening and homebrewing.  She and hubby Cary also include the adventures of Sarge and Barley.  Go read it.  (

I have both a cousin and friend who write interesting blogs about their lives and families, but they’ve been dormant for quite a while, so I’m going to give the space they need before I send you there.  It happens to all of us who write — life takes over and robs you of precious writing time and inspiration.  I love you Susan and Amy – come back.  I need you.

Finally, these blogs, while I’ve met the authors and consider them friends, go beyond just a small group of reader-friends, and into the realm of megabloggerdom.

My friend Jesse writes, with his beautiful sister, “Possibly the world’s #1 brother-sister blog about rationality, science, and philosophy.”  I steal from Jesse pretty regularly; he’s smarter than we are.  (

My friend JT writes about, as his blog says, Fighting Religion Tooth and Claw.  When you begin to think I’m too arrogant or radical or in-your-face with my activism, read JT’s words.  I’m a gentle, passive lamb.  He’s inspired, he’s passionate, he’s sexy  (

My friend Greta writes a sex blog.  She’s also an atheist activist, but she’s the only one I could say writes a sex blog, and I had to do that.  If you go there right now, you’ll see she combines the two in an interesting article about secularism and sex.  (  Greta is a rock star, and I’m not the only one who consistently thinks:  “I wish I’d written that!”

Greta, in steampunk, shooting me with a blowdryer

My friend PZ Myers is THE big dog.  He’s a brilliant and articulate biology professor with a sketchy affinity for cephalopods.  Believers, suit up before you click.  (www.scienceblogs/pharyngula).

PZ looking especially distinguished in his squid-balloon hat

All of the above are currently engaged in a fund-raising campaign for Camp Quest (, and if I were any kind of techie at all, I’d be able to put the fund-raising widget on this site.  As it is, as you cruise their blogs, make a choice (slowly and carefully) about donating to this fabulous freethought summer camp.  Slowly and carefully as in the PZ-vs-everyone else sense.

There you go.  I’ll write a post soon about other sites I visit daily for news and information.  I have a particular affinity for blogs, so if you write one, and I don’t know about it – Tell me!!  If I included you in this list, and you didn’t want me to – Tell me!  I’ll correct that in a flash!

Coming soon:  Law school update.  Ironman training update.  More attitude about nutrition.  It’s all good.

Thanks for reading!