So Aden and I have spent the day together.  We’ve decided to blog about it.  Aden took all the pictures and was keeper of the camera on our walk.  I’ll do the techie work, and the captions for the photos, and Aden will do the heavy lifting of the blogging:

Look closely to see the Daddy Long Legs on the screen

We saw a big grandaddy longlegs and it was strange because it had slanted legs.  I don’t think it was a grandaddy longlegs at all.

A rock formation at the beginning of our stroll. We didn't reach in.

I like this hole in the rock.  I wish I could be a bunny, and hop right in.

Bullseye camera-shy

He is such a beautiful horse.  I love him very much.  His nose is soft.

Deer track

I think this is a deer print, but it could be a cow.  It’s too little for a cow print, and the donkeys don’t have a split hoof.  That’s why I think it’s a deer print.

TVA line. Picture-worthy, when you're 6

I love TV.  I wish I could have windmill.

Cow pie with insect holes...or something. Don't judge.

Bugs dug holes in this poop, but it might not be bugs.  Could be moles or groundhogs.  Choose one.

Big ol' sinkhole, a middle Tennessee feature

We talked about how a sinkhole is made.  See the rocks?  Maybe it’s from water.

another rock formation we liked

This is a funny turtle rock we found.  Or maybe a duck.

Me, Casey, and Aden playing Shadow Muscles -- an original game that Casey and I did not pervert at all.

Look at my strong shadow!  See my beach ball!

Itsy-bitsy frog near the pond

I wish I could have a frog for a pet.

6-year-old Aden told 20-year-old Casey to pick up a cactus. *Sigh*

Too bad Casey.  Better luck next time.  Don’t do what a 6-year-old tells you to.

Mushroom at the end of the walk

Funny mushroom!

A little visit with Uga

We love you Uga, and wish we could see you again.

Not bad for his first try.    We’ll do it again with another adventure.

On behalf of Aden and me….thanks for reading.