I hate it when I want to blog and want to blog and mean to blog and try to blog and then I check and it’s been 3 weeks since I blogged!  I really have much more to say than that!

I’m not going to blahblahblahlife’ssobusyIcan’tblogrightnowI’lldoittomorrowblahblahblah.  But I will say that I’m in the process of developing a super-secret high-tech process by which I can blog directly from my brain.  Could get a little scary if I don’t have the filter set high enough, but absolutely promises to be interesting…

I am still coming down off my high of the last week.  JT Eberhard of the Secular Student Alliance was the guest of several Tennessee campuses and I had the privilege of carting his sweet self around the state!  I got to hear him present both his “Morality without Religion” speech, and his “Coming Out Secular” (my favorite) at the campuses of Austin Peay, MTSU, Vanderbilt, and ETSU.  I also got to hear the questions from the bright minds of the student attendees, and I was encouraged beyond description for our movement.

I am more convinced than ever that the future of secularism in our country is in the hands of our youth.  I believe that my generation will trickle out of the faith, but our freethinking college and high school students recognize the importance of a secular society, the strength of the separation of church and state, the absolute need for a strong scientific approach in our schools, and the use of ration and reason as a basis for decision-making at every political level.

In the interest of getting this posted, I’ll sign off with a renewed promise to blog more often, what and all if they are a bit brief.  (“what and all” is an expression my mother uses, and I’ll ask her what it means when I make a trip to Atlanta this week).

Loving this fall weather….thanks for reading!