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Best dilemma ever.

4 thoughts on “Best dilemma ever.

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  1. I gave a pretty big gift to a fairly new friend who has a child with an as-yet-undiagnosed issue that causes seizures and assorted other unfortunate problems. Hopefully my meager contribution will make it easier for them to go to the Mayo Clinic to find out what’s really wrong. I tend to be drawn to a more personal contribution.

  2. Being a fellow skeptic, you might appreciate the website I ran across when researching charities about a year ago. They claim to research which charities have the most direct effect on others’ lives:

    I still give to a couple that aren’t on their “Top Charities” list, but after our experience with Red Cross during the flood, I’m hesitant to just give money to the loudest charity.

  3. I love giving to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and local NPR affiliates. I also try to donate to the local library because I LOVE libraries!

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